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I made this blog to spam the followers with anything Tom Hiddleston related.

Anonymous: Hi, I know I'm late for asking about the T-Shirt for Tom idea but I'd love to take part if I'm still able to? What should I do if you're still allowing people to participate?

Send your signature to this email: sara.isabelp@gmail.com and I will do the rest ;)

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Anonymous: If i cant my signature, what do I do?

I’m sorry for such a late answer, I hope you see this answer anyway. If you don’t find your signature, just send a message to this tumblr, with the email that you used to send the signature, and I will answer privately (if you’re not anon) with the information about your signature.

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Hey guys look!
It’s the signatures for the T-shirt for Tom Project!
I finally finished my half of the signatures (ie. Putting them on a clear background for easy manipulation.) Not as fast as say-it-from-the-rooftops, but it’s done!

I don’t even know how many signatures I edited. 
You may or may not be able to see your signature on this file (it’s a little messy, i know). Also, the size of your signature on this file does not reflect what size it will be on the t-shirt. Just in case some of you were wondering. 
Now the two of us can finally get around to settling on a design for the shirt. 
For those who don’t already know what this project is about, please go here for more information. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new signatures as the deadline has been reached. However, if there are new opportunities for you to get involved, you can bet that we will keep you posted. 
For those who did submit your signatures, we look forward to presenting you with the design that incorporates your signatures. 
Till then,

Oh yes, the person that I’m working with is simply EPIC. Look at this! :D 
So it’s official, all the signatures are edited! Can you spot yours?
I edited 169 signatures today. I’m proud of how fast the work is going, but I am also really tired. I think the real work is yet to come, when I start making the design. I’m quite concerned with that, I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I’m also not sure how to put such variety of signatures into one design, and get a sober and harmonious final product…
Look at all those pretty signatures. (can you spot yours? :D) You guys are amazing, thank you once more for participating, I really hope I don’t disappoint anyone.
Kind regards,
Anonymous: Will we get to see the finished product of the shirt? By the way I love yuor blog and I think the whole idea is great, your amazing for doing it xx

Yes. I will post the file of the design here on tumblr, and it will be tagged with #tshirtproject so everyone who missed the post can find it on this blog, on the T-shirt for Tom link. But I’m still working on editing the signatures, it will take some time to get the final design, so I ask you all for comprehension and patience.

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